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Birth Services

Free Consultation 


Join me for a relaxed, no pressure informational session at a convenient location and time to discuss what I can do to help you have the birth you are envisioning. I will bring along a welcome packet with helpful information you can review at your leisure. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have about having a birth doula. Meeting for a consultation does not obligate you in any way.

Phone & Email Support


I am available during regular business hours from the time we sign a service agreement to speak by phone or answer emails, and for nighttime emergencies. I'm happy to answer questions you may have about your upcoming birth and provide advice and support. I typically go "on-call" for your birth at 36 weeks, and from that point I am available 24/7 for anything you may need until your little one is safe and sound in your arms.

As your Doula, I Provide:

Physical and Emotional Support

I am trained to provide continuous physical and emotional labor support for you and your partner. I make use of herbal oils, massage, counterpressure, heat, cold, positioning, and rebozo support. I also have training for in-depth breastfeeding support for after the birth.

Two Prenatal Sessions


I will come to your home for either two prenatal sessions, or one jumbo session, before 36 weeks. In the our meetings, we spend some more time getting to know one another, go over birthing choices, and formulate a birth plan, which I prefer to refer to as birth intentions. I will also review some rebozo techniques that can provide comfort towards the end of your pregnancy. We will also review comfort measures for labor and birth, and particularly how to handle early labor and when to go to the hospital..

During Labor 


I provide telephone support and guidance in the early stages of labor. Once active labor has begun and you are ready for more hand-on support, I will join you at your home or other birthing site and will stay throughout the birth.

Baby’s First Feeding Support 

Once the birth is complete, I will stay until you and your newly expanded family are settled and ready for some alone time. I can help with baby's first feeding, including positioning and latch. I also offer advanced support in the event of a cesarean birth.

As Your Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform Any Clinical Tasks

I am not a medical professional, and as such, am unable to perform any medical tasks for you or your baby. This includes blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, and cervical checks.

Make Decisions for You 

It is my job to support you in your decisions, not make them for you. I can provide information regarding evidence based practices to help inform your decisions, and am happy to discuss your options, but ultimately, you will be making the decisions. Your body, your birth, your baby. 





Postpartum Follow-up Visit 


I will come for a visit during the baby's first week. We can process the birth together, and I will help answer questions and provide advice and support regarding care. I can also provide guidance regarding babywearing, breastfeeding, and postpartum care.

Lactation Support 

I am happy to come to your home for additional lactation counseling visits for a fee, or as a stand alone service to non-doula clients. I also provide pre-natal lactation classes by request




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